Monday, October 18, 2010

To life!

Last year, Christmas
Growing up (and that is relative, since I'm only 5'1), we celebrated everything. We were a pretty non-traditional family in a lot of ways, being headed by two gypsy artist types. The 5 of us kids write and act and dance and sing and play instruments and paint and have big noisy families, and occasionally work for someone outside the family to pay some bills and buy more paint or what have you. Our traditions all had to do with food and family. 

I know, that rules. So birthdays, major holidays, bank holidays, major and minor awards, teeth falling out, getting your first training bra, whatever, it was time for a party. 

We teetered back and forth from rich to poor my whole life, and either way, the party looked the same. Massive amounts of homemade food that looked a little burnt, or lopsided, or was poured just below the melted mark on the biggest plastic bowl- presentation is not a Yablonski strong point, but the food is to DIE for. Sometimes, we do. Too soon? 

Sorry. I couldn't resist. Another Yablonski strong point, making an awesome joke out of something you should NEVER joke about. 

Back in the day, I was little and all the other siblings were grown or almost grown, and they would come to Mama and Daddy's house and bring all their little ones, and we'd sit around and the youngest ones would dance on the coffee table while Bobby played the guitar, or somebody played something, and we'd laugh and talk and visit until it was time for round 2 at the buffet. 

My baby, and my niece and HER baby 
Now, it looks a little different. The youngest siblings and the nieces and nephews bring THEIR little ones, and they dance on the coffee table while we watch and sing and celebrate. 

We don't get together as much now. For one thing, I'm in Missouri. (what the heck am I doing in Missouri?) But also, Daddy is gone now, and we're grown up and mostly get the WHOLE bunch, or close to it, together for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a kid birthday or two. When we come together, though, it's like it has always been. 

I could probably write a book about this stuff, but two things I learned from my family: 1. Texas is best and 2. Every one of us is worth being celebrated, even for small victories. 

my birthday cake from last night
I think that's why I still have birthday parties, at 32 years old. Because I learned, from my family, that it is GREAT to be alive and to be loved. Also, any excuse for cake is a good one.

Here's to you, Yablonskis. May we ever celebrate.  


  1. stuff like this makes me want to have 5 more kids so they can grow up and we can have big family celebrations!

  2. Yes Baby! Life is a party made to enjoy! So glad you are carrying it on!...Mama

  3. I love it!
    And I love that you still have a birthday party. I always thought it was depressing when adults didn't want to celebrate their birthdays...and I was right, they must be depressed to not want to have a party about themselves and get gifts. I mean, seriously.... wow I am rambling.
    K time for bed.


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