Tuesday, October 26, 2010

day uno Tejas

Maybe you missed this, but I'm a Texan. God has momentarily or potentially forever stranded me in Missouri, but He can't take away my Texan-ness.

Well, actually, He could, technically. I mean, He has done some crazy stuff, historically speaking. But it's not likely that He will, so stop looking smug, people from lesser states.

We drove for 1,432 hours yesterday, alternately rocking out, arguing, eating and staring off into space, despairing because it takes so long. Oh, and having real conversations. That part was awesome. Then today I had my first Tex-Mex since July and also purchased 2 avocados that were larger than my newborn children. (the new kid will break the record, being born at what will likely be 6 pounds) Saw friends, saw family.  Winner of a day.

The MOG is working, and we tagged along on his work trip, which is awesome because I'm totally in Texas, and lame because he's working all the time and can't eat all the guacamole. Wait a minute...

There's a little bittersweet edge to this being the last trip with the 5 of us. I'm super excited about New Baby, but chapters are always a little hard to close for me.

You know what else is hard? Forgetting the duffel bag with all of your children's clothing in Kansas City. Doh. They've been wearing their scrungy travel clothes for 2 days now, although I made them strip down at naptime, washed it all and put it back on. Doh doh doh.

I've been getting a decent amount of questions about a baby shower. Not planning a "real" one. I registered at Target, and I might set up some kind of online shower for those who are so inclined, after the baby comes home. If you want to get a jump on that, the registry link is over on the top left... can you believe this? A baby. Woot!


  1. Well, I'm planning a REAL one. So there. Also, you got a package in the mail from Target. You're gonna have a BABY.

  2. "Ever seen one of those?!?" Seriously, you crack me up.

  3. Lindsey, a PACKAGE came in the mail, also, Jess is going to have a baby. I went to community college, give me a break. :-P


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