Friday, October 8, 2010

lawyer, lo-fat, louxes

I didn't write yesterday. If you didn't notice that, carry on, nothing unusual here. But if you did, I gotta tell you, I try to write 5 days a week. For years, I pulled that off. Of late, though, I have wanted to write better, stuff with substance, or at least funny things. So yesterday, my mind was formless and void, so I took the day off. Which drives me nuts, because in terms of readers, this was my biggest blog week ever, easily doubling or even tripling a normal weekly number of visitors. So I had to skip out yesterday with the knowledge that my analytic charts will take a downward slide again. Still, I had nothing to say. Enough about all that.

Couple good posts this week, though. You should read them.

In adoption news, we met with a lawyer yesterday. Due to the rice incident, followed by the basement flooding incident, plus the general and ongoing procrastination incident, I haven't done laundry in days, so we looked kinda scruffy all up in the law office with the conference room and all that.

Super nice guy, I liked him a lot. We talked, and then we paid him, and then we walked... not sure if we'll see him again until the baby is born.

IN 42 days. In a day or 2 here, the birthmom (heretofore referred to as C) will be more pregnant than my record breaking 34 weeks and 1 day with Toby.

6 weeks, y'all. Y'ALL.

In other news, Toby referred to me several times today as "Low-Fat." I think it's just because he read it on the sour cream, but I didn't argue. Also in child related news, Brynn has been wearing diapers for 2 days, pretty much. I haven't given up. I'm just laying down in the battlefield and taking a little rest.

In other, other news, I haven't hit you up for adoption funds in a long time, and I don't think I will again, for OUR adoption. My good friend Tracie's adoption, on the other hand... she is doing the same matching fund that we did and they're an awesome family. Go read this and send something to Hand in Hand for them- it will be doubled and you'll be BLESSED to be a part!


  1. what names have you picked out for a white baby boy with blond hair and blue eyes? Knud, Jens, Rune, Hans? Hans Bringgard was a fine man.. your husbands great grandfather.... how bout Hans..?? Soren is out because it is hard to find the O with a line through it on the key board to spell it correctly and all..
    so.... i bet your gonna name him Calvin Stanley Clark...

    My vote is for Knud ..... not really but its the hardest thing for Americans to pronounce..

  2. Jess.... this feels like it is really going to happen... God is so awesome..

  3. i like calvin stanley clark

    good sturdy name

    calvin would be honored i'm sure


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