Monday, September 13, 2010

Personality personschmality

They say your personality is set by the time you turn 20. That's probably true, although to me it seems like it would be even younger. I've taken my share of personality tests, but they're often hard to answer. 

For example: At a party I am most likely to:
a) find a corner and try to avoid detection 
b) get in the middle of a crowd and tell some jokes 
c) find one or two friends and stay with them or 
d) hold a flaming Bible aloft and assign them all to hell. 
or some such. Insert eye-rolling here. What kind of party? Do I know everyone? Do I know NOone? Is everyone but me drunk? Does anyone in the room read my blog? What am I wearing? What time is it? Have I had anything to eat? Am I broke? Is this real life? 

The variables make all the difference. If I am at a party full of drunk people I don't know and they all read my blog, and I am not wearing a dress made of meat, then yes, I am going to get in there and tell some jokes. I love drunk people. (NOTE: I AM NOT ENDORSING DRUNKENNESS. I AM ENDORSING HAVING CONVERSATIONS WITH DRUNK PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY ARE HILARIOUS AND THEY WON'T REMEMBER IT.) I digress. 

The point is, well, really there is no point, per se. It's more the subject of the ramble is personality. And actually, that's not even it, so much. What I was wondering, 300 words ago or so, was are habits set at a certain point in life? Like, do I have to get Toby to stop picking his nose by the time he's 5 or he'll do it in college? Or, as it relates to me, can I become a neat freak at 31? Old dog, new tricks and all that... 

Oh, and I was a double Sanguine in high school. I think that was the last time I had the patience to take the whole test. 


  1. nice synopsis of excessive personality traits; what about the random shy types

  2. no it is not set in stone by 20

    case in point one becomes a Believer at the age of 21 or 29 or 45

    personality is changed somewhat by the power of God

    personalities DO change as one ages

    i hope

  3. that is my story and i am stickin to it :-)


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