Thursday, September 9, 2010

nothing, really.

Technically, this is two days without blogging. Some of you write on your blogs once a year *cough*lindsey*cough*, and so you might be like, ho-hum. But for me, I try to keep it moving around here and have posted, you know, a lot of filler just for consistency's sake.

The last day or two, I have had plans to write something. I almost wrote about Richy making me a chart to clarify something that made everything MUCH more complex.

Then I got a catalog! which had a lot of good items to discuss, like a coffee mug shaped like a toilet, because what says "Class" like a toilet mug? There were a LOT of quality items in that catalog. I'll probably give them a post or two in the future.

Then, we went and looked at some houses, and I thought funny things about that, soundbites, if you will.

Oh, and before all that I had to ground Toby from the computer for turning the toolbar back on and typing in youtube and then searching youtube for blues clues. What, your 4 year old doesn't do that?

and more. but everytime I try to write something I get terribly distracted and lose my moxie. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. dang it, blogger bumped my cool comment.

    Toby really cracks me up.

    Love you!

  2. oh, and that was me, Kelly.

  3. Moxie is my dog's name.

    I enjoy that you are familiar enough with the term to use it comfortably.

    When I tell people her name, I usually get a 'what's that?' type question.

    She's a weiner dog...Moxie Doxie. :) I love her. That's it...

    Also: Toby is funny.

    -Nate R

    -Nate R.

  4. YOU GO TOBY!!!!!!!!!


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