Thursday, September 2, 2010

going crazy! JK, I'm there.

I think I'm cracking. Actually, I think I cracked last night. First, I hung up on someone in my marriage. I'll call him "Ricky" to protect his (relative) innocence. I called him back eventually and he said "Poor bunny" and such.

Then I sat on the couch and considered weeping for a while, but griped a lot instead. Got too tired to feed my kids real food, so I made them spaghetti noodles with a can of tomato sauce. That backfired because they ate it with their whole bodies, and I was too tired to bathe them, so I just lined them up firing-squad style and hosed them off with the removable shower head. Then I ate ice cream and watched mindless things on my laptop till I fell asleep.

Surprisingly, I woke up today with such an awakened sense of humor. I hit the wall, see? Now, it's just funny. I'm CRACKING UP! BATS IN THE BELFRY! FEW CLOWNS SHORT OF A CIRCUS! Really, I feel pretty good. I have no clue where we'll live in 3 weeks, or how we'll pay for it. The school wants to potty-train R2, which is great in theory, but it means I have to send 3 outfits every day and wash them every night, and dude. Every DAY? Oh, and I think I'm flunking homeschooling. And 50 other little random things that need fixing, or mailing, or paying, or what have you...

All will be well. The rent is paid, my kids are healthy, I love my husband and his travelin' self, and honestly, life is good. It ain't predictable, but it's good. All will be well.


  1. Don't beat yourself about homeschooling. Life is part of home school. Let it ride. There is always tomorrow.

    Take it from your Laissez Faire Sister

  2. been there done that too

  3. You are not alone.


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