Friday, August 19, 2011

the pukeman cometh

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First, you should go catch up on the podcasts from The Spirit of Adoption Show. Our friend Randy discusses some of the common questions and misconceptions about adoption in a clear and concise way- take some time to listen now or load 'em onto your iPod or (snicker) Zune or whatever and listen on your drives. Excellent stuff.

In other news, Brynn spent the afternoon yesterday alternating between a) lying on the couch with white lips and a raging fever, and b) puking in a bucket. I would think it was the mystery "marble" causing some kind of infection, but Toby did this last week, on the host home's carpet, so it's just some kinda late-blooming virus.

When it comes to them getting sick, I don't fight it. I mean, I practice basic hygiene, but I just figure God has my number, and the puke train is coming for me, despite my slow-motion horrified run. Besides, when a sick little person wants to be held so they can give you snotty kisses and cough in your mouth, or to come get in your bed so they can put their hot little feet on your face, what are you gonna say? I just plan my sick time for while they're sleeping.

Her fever is gone today, although she still claims to be too tired to climb the stairs to her room for naptime. Sometimes I think I'm getting taken for a ride...

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  1. Late blooming virus? I don't THINK so. Cough cough wretch.


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