Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A rule of blogging is, you should never talk about blogging on your blog. I ignore that rule, along with many grammatical and other writing rules, because, hey! this is my blog, on the internet, and I can say whatever I want, except stuff that alarms my mama.

But anyway, about slacking off around here: sorry about that. The MOG was traveling for like a month and I had all these kids sucking my brain juices. He's back now for a little while and maybe inspiration will strike me, like a bolt of lightning filled with wit and whimsy.

Speaking of the MOG: as you know, we celebrated 15 years of marriage a couple of weeks ago. And by celebrated, I mean we said happy anniversary on the phone. The real celebration ended up being this weekend, when he came back from his tour and whisked me away to a 24 hour vacation.

mako shark
It was great. Sometimes you forget about being husband and wife when you're busy being parents, or rockstars for Jesus or whatever. So we walked around and shopped a little and we talked and held hands, and I ate shark for dinner (Captain Cautious had a burger, scoff). And it was perfect weather, and there was a guy singing country songs on the patio at the restaurant, and it was all good. 

I highly recommend that you eat shark and listen to live music with your sweetie, sometime, on a rooftop when it's 80 degrees.

I make plans for what I will do, someday when I am fabulously wealthy. Those plans usually are stuff like buying jeans that no one else has worn, and eating a lot of guacamole. Now I have a new thing to add to the list: weekend getaways.


  1. Boy do I approve of THIS blog! mama

  2. i totally love that dress you're wearing!! amazing.

  3. How very sweet. You look smokin' in the dress, too.

    Sharon D.

  4. I like that cute little dress Jess..... it is darling and the shoes and toenails too....


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