Monday, August 22, 2011

first day of yawn

This is the part of the show where a dedicated blogger would sit down and write diligently, of deep topics. I, on the other hand, am *this* close to dumping this entry and finishing my novel. And by novel, I mean, the one I am reading, because I haven't ever really started writing a novel. I'm planning on being a late bloomer. I'm shooting for not hitting my prime posthumously.

Today is the first day of school for a lot of kids. R2 went back last week, and then today I have to pick him up early and take him to a psychologist visit. Do you know what it's like to take a nonverbal kid to a psychologist?

"How does he feel about going back to school?"

"Uh... well, he was flapping in the morning, so uh, that's probably good. There was some jumping, too, by the bus. I'd say he's happy. Or frustrated. Or constipated."


So there's that. I will have the whole crew with me today, and expect some new notes for our family file. "Mom seems stressed. Cannot seem to remember children's names. 5 year old wearing shirt and pants backwards. Baby has black knees and dirt under fingernails." Stuff like that.

I am starting homeschool with Toby and Brynn soon, real soon. I just need to figure out what to teach them. We've covered stuff like aliens, the new earth, human anatomy, ("If I poke a hole in my subcutaneous layer, I will DIE"-toby) and gravity, but I think they need to know how to write letters. Add, subtract, stuff like that. I'll get to it, get off my back.

But just now, there's a lovely rain and a fairly weak Christian fiction novel to get through. T&B are currently cutting holes in various items with safety scissors. That's probably educational, right?


  1. What "fairly weak Christian fiction novel" are you reading?

  2. ah, lemme see. "On Hummungbird Wings". It reads like it was written in the early 90s and adapted for modernity, with cell phones thrown in and such.

  3. Flapping and jumping are a good sign... communicating many things, as you say. I think from talking with him (that is ME talking) that lunch is a big winner at school, as is the computer, as you have noted in former blogs. Having the plumbing stopped up causes other forms of communication to surface and can involve dumping spaghetti on one's head and screaming.Life with my little man is NEVER boring. Hang in there mama. mama


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