Wednesday, August 10, 2011

15 years


15 years ago today, I remember driving away from the church in our little  tan Corolla, high on wedding cake and love, hooting with laughter that we got away with it. 17 and 18 years old, legally married and on our first solo roadtrip.

A thousand times, 10,000 times since then, we've hit the road and we still cheer every time. With a van full of teenagers, or band members, or friends from across the country, or, more recently, people in diapers, there's always a moment where we catch eyes and feel this little shock of glee that we get to do this. Together.

And now, more often, the van pulls out without me, and I stand on the porch with a baby on my hip, blown away that we get to do this. We get to live this full life together.

Last night, we sat at a table with our fellow Radiants and our kids, Tejano music blaring, and I made the joke, "15 years and what do I have to show for it?" and we all laughed, because there is so, so much to show for it.

15 years of laughter and tears, together. 15 years of learning life, together. 15 years of fruitful ministry. 15 years, for richer and poorer, mostly poorer. 15 years of awesome.

Isn't it amazing, Richy? We get to do this.


  1. 15 years??!! You guys are legit enough now to write a marriage book or a pamphlet at LEAST! Congratulations!! -Grace

  2. Happy anniversary! I love to see marriages succeed, even from afar!


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