Friday, May 20, 2011

Homeschool high

This morning I dressed in a denim jumper with a pink t-shirt underneath for modesty, tied my cheery plaid Keds, pulled my permed hair up into a colorful scrunchie, and gathered up all the kids and hit the road in our minivan. Well, I did take the kids in a minivan, that part is true.

Exactly 3 minutes after when we were supposed to leave, it started pouring rain. I mean, pouring. Like I was just waiting for Miley Cyrus to run past, her tears blending with the rain as she processed forgiving herself, or something. Now, I am not afraid of rain, because it is water. If it was acid, or butter, then I'd be hesitant to go out, but it is water. Toby and I made the mad dash to the van and Brynn stood under the awning screaming like Miley when the eagles ate the baby sea turtles. Eventually, we were all in the van and en route.

We arrived at the Mecca of Minivans and I, as usual, stressed about parking. I hate parking. Plus, with the tears of Miley falling from the sky I knew we needed a streamlined plan. Parked, rethought it, drove to the top level, realized there was no stroller ramp, reparked.

This blog entry is going to be too long, because I guess I'm feeling chatty. In Texas, I went to a couple of homeschool conventions that were like, in the Marriot and BIGGER (as in Texas) and pretty organized and such. This was a little different. It was one room with about 5 aisles of books and whatnot, and just enough walking room for 2 people side by side down each aisle. So the stroller was problematic. We made it to the back, where we found an abandoned stroller lot, and I carried Tris back out to the floor, where we found out it was CASH ONLY. LIKE THE OLD WEST. I mean, seriously. I can forgive the haircuts, but you should at least take checks, like it's 1996. I'm not even asking you to get that iPhone app so you can take debit cards. Just checks.

Back to the stroller, the rain, the van. I locked my kids in the car and went in the gas station to use the ATM without them, for the first time ever. Don't judge. You probably didn't rewind your movies, back when that was a thing.

Back in the rain, this time with my Baby Bjorn, may it live forever. Since there were only 45 minutes left in the sale, a lot of stuff was half off, so I got some great deals. I mostly bought toys, like building toys and smart-making stuff, and some books and OH! A complete, unopened pre-k Hooked on Phonics kit. (for Brynn, because Toby is more into Hooked on Astrophysics)

I got home and like the bargain geek I am, Googled to see how much I saved. I spent $19.50 for over $200 worth of stuff. I'm on a geek high for realz, y'all.

With my savings, I'm going to buy a plaid dress with a square lace collar and a wide plaid belt, and navy pantyhose and navy blue 1/4 inch heels. You know, for the banquet.


  1. I don't read many blogs. I haven't found any that are so special I wanna come back. But's just perfectly real, funny & refreshing.

  2. People just don't know how AWESOME it is to do common errands with children in tow. You describe it brilliantly. way to go! and even more I am internet high-fiving ya for the awesome savings!

  3. As a homeschooled child of the 80s/90s, I love the way you started and ended this post! The last paragraph made me snicker. :D

  4. pal. you are having too much fun with this homeschool attire stuff. :)


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