Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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I interviewed my friend Christina for Bound4life's blog today. Well, actually, I interviewed her yesterday, and posted it today, if you want to be a stickler. And you do want to be a stickler, anonymous blog reader, don't you? Anyway, go on over there and read it. It's a frank and sweet look at adopting toddlers out of foster care.

In other news, the MOG has returned from his tour. I went out today for 2 hours, alone. I did exciting stuff like buying new uniforms for R2's school, and I did them alone. I was alone. Did I mention I was alone? It was awesome.

In other, other news, Toby has finished the 5 days of a clean room challenge and has been rewarded with a Lego kit from Dollar General. (Not Lego) It has 80 pieces and has already been the source of 3 meltdowns. That's right, come to me for your parenting advice.


  1. would more than one anonymous blogger be anonymi or anonymuses


  2. lol... i finally got a login & remembered it!!! can't wait to post all sorts of snarky stuff on your blogs! love ya!

  3. what????
    only 2 comments?????


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