Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Master of Lunch

I forage through the refrigerator, processing lunch options. Now that R2's gone back to school, it seems easier. He's the big eater around here. These characters here are not picky. One day I put slices of lunch meat and cheese in a circle around some crackers and called it a sun. For days, I got complaints every time I didn't serve that.

They're pretty reasonable, too. Today, I recycled some leftover something or other Han had left in the fridge after a date at Cheesecake Factory. It had mushrooms and meat, maybe meatloaf? and mashed potatoes. Toby took one look.

"I don't like that." he said firmly.
"What don't you like?" I asked him.
"Well, what is it?"
"It's meat, and mushrooms and veggies. You love it."
"Well, I don't think I like mushrooms..."
"Oh, you do. You love them."
reluctantly, "Okay..."

Then he eats it all. So far, the Force is working.

I do the same thing to Brynn. Toby comes up with these specific orders, like no jelly on his sandwich, and his grapes on this side, and cut it this way, and Bean says, yeah, that's what she wants, too. So I ask her if she wants jelly on her bread and normal grapes and so on, and she agrees cheerfully. We do it my way. This ain't Burger King, unless you're Toby and your argument makes some sense.

I am the boss. I am, I am I am. Right? 

In other news, we have just over a month left on the matching grant. I am sending out letters this week, hopefully. I would like to send you a letter, anonymous blog reader. If you would like to receive said letter, email me your address. Gratzi. 

It's basically this- your donation will be matched, i.e. doubled if you mail it to this grant organization between now and September 30th. Doubled donations go to our adoption fund, c/o our agency. Mail donation checks (nothing is too small!) to : 

Hand in Hand Christian Adoption, Inc.
Richy and Jessica Clark
18524 Juniper Street Gardner, KS 66030-9147 

DON’T write our names on the check anywhere, for tax reasons. DO write our names on the envelope. Donations are tax-deductible. 


  1. oh i LOVED when my parents would make creative things out of lunch... like a small crouse child favorite was:

    2 pieces of lunch meat chicken (like budding)
    rolled, rolled, rolled, rolled like you would a fruit roll-up, then you hold them together by the ends and you've got.....

    "CHICKEN LIPS" that open and close!

    then a pickle, sliced in half, long-ways...


    seems there was something with the cheese too...
    little pieces of american cheese, arranged into some kind of object...

    those were GOOD GOOD days....

    thanks for reminding me. :)


  2. lol awesome linz,

    yeah jess i have been pretty lazy lately. my kids say, "I'm hungry" i say, Go get a lunchable out of the fridge. lol all i have to do is open the package.


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