Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shot to the hip, and I'm... never mind

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Note: you might not want to read this if you are violently opposed to immunizations, because it might make you hate me and send me death threats written in henna on burlap paper. And really, you like me. So let's just keep it friendly. 

I wrote a while back about another time my little kids got shots.  You should read it, since I think it's fairly entertaining. Anyway, I delayed their immunizations until last year and we've been working through them. 

Anyway, Toby has known for a few days that this was coming. He keeps a pretty close eye on the schedule in general. So this morning, he knew it was Thursday and proceeded to work Brynn into a total frenzy before 8 in the morning. After panicking for a while, I convinced her to eat her oatmeal, which she did VERY slowly, and then poured her water bottle in her oatmeal bowl, screaming, "I'm still eating! I'm still eating!" until I came and dragged her away and held her down to get dressed and restrain her hair and such. 

The drive and the time in the waiting room were pretty happy, since they love to run around waiting rooms, inviting as many sick children as possible to breathe on them and other practical things, like licking the walls or getting stuff out of the trash can. Once we made it back to the room, the tension started to build. Toby was first up, and he changed his mind. "Never mind!" he says. "I decided I don't want any ice cream! I don't Want to DO THIS." The medical establishment and I pressed on, and after like 1 second he was negotiating which flavor of ice cream he really wanted. 

That moment of screaming, though, had done Brynn in. She was hiding under the chairs, giant puppy dog eyes and all. Lucky for us the nurse had not prepared her stuff, so I had 5 minutes to calm Brynn down. Toby got in on it too. "See, Brynn?" he says. "I'm FINE. I'm gonna have ICE CREAM." and so on, but she wasn't having it. She did NOT want any ice cream, and she did NOT want a shot. Again, society won.

I held her arms while she screamed at the nurse, "THIS is not my favorite! This is NOT my favorite!" There is not a much worse feeling than looking in your kid's face while they're scared... anyway, as soon as it was over, there was some excitement about the band-aids, and then they both loudly celebrated the next step, which was ice cream at McDonald's. At 10 in the morning. And yes, I did explain to EVERY senior citizen who walked by and looked at them. Toby and Bean boast a pretty large senior fan club everywhere they go, and I didn't want their rep damaged. Or something. 

Whew. Glad that's over. Until tomorrow, when the MOG and I will have to take R2 to the pedi to get labs drawn, which will be a mega-ordeal. Man, I just talked myself out of my relief. Nuts. 

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  1. no sound on the video?

    man you just reminded me i'm like 3.5 years behind on isaacs shots.. uggggg


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