Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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So, the crazy thing is nobody knows how to be a parent. We are actually
going trial and error on living human beings!
I mean, there's books and advice and grandmas and such.
But when you get down to it, you really have to figure it out yourself.
Poor babies.
Richy and I were talking about this last night... he just assumes I
know how to do everything.
Shoot, I'm bluffing!
I just feed him when he cries... change diapers... pat, swaddle, rock,
beg, plead, jiggle, bounce, cuddle, swing..... and again
And sometimes I wish there was someone else to take over.
But I am the mommy now. And it is what I wanted so desperately. And
really, even in the worst moments I am so happy to have my baby, so
happy to have made it here.

Since we're figuring it out- what do daddies do? I mean, with a
newborn. I want Richy to help but don't really know what I need help
with, you know?
And there's a lot of us new mommies out there.
So what can daddies do?

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