Monday, February 13, 2006


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Toby has officially switched day and night... he's sleeping like the
proverbial baby now that the sun is up.
Now if I could just get R2 to do the same schedule, then all 3 of us
could sleep all day and party all night.
It's actually cute to look at him in the moonlight at 3 o'clock and his
eyes are WIDE open. It is not cute, however, when he cries and grunts
and fusses until the sun comes up.
Is he scared of the dark? Gassy? With what, vampire gas? Only afflicted
in moonlight? Hmmm... maybe a question for Batboy.

R2 is kinda sick. We aren't sure if he had a little seizure overnight,
but he's not really himself today. Although after his daddy prayed for
him for awhile, he recovered enough to punch him a few times and joke

Oh, and Radiant will not be playing at CTK Tuesday... Chris is out of
town so it will be the CTK worship team led by Papa JC!

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