Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still life: painted wall, dirty floor

Why don't she blog? maybe you're asking, a little hitch in your voice. Don't she love us no more?

Let me start by saying double negatives are not going to bring me back. You're gonna have to try harder than that. Or not. I'll blog, even if you use the wrong your you're their there they're and I HATE that. But no judgment. 

Once a year or so, for a week, or a few weeks, I have this productive streak where I do homemaker-y things like organize stuff and paint stuff and then, all of the sudden, the streak ends and I just barely keep up with putting the laundry in the basement to ignore. I don't know what that is. It's like I'm tri-polar, if one pole was slightly lazy 3/4 of the time and the other pole was slightly productive every now and then, and maybe another pole that just kept up with the basics like laundry, dishes and trash. Kind of. So, moderate poles, which I think defeats the purpose of poles. 

Oh, and it doesn't extend to housecleaning. I have never had a burst of energy that made me want to clean for longer than it takes to clean a toilet. Burst over. I clean stuff for parties and basic maintenance, which makes some people I'm married to crazy, but mostly because they have a window hangup and want to windex stuff 3 times a day. (this is an exaggeration)

So anyways, I've been busy painting various areas of my house, mostly with leftover paint from other projects. And I'm pretty proud of myself, although maybe I painted the floor a bit and whatnot. All this productivity is hurting my blogging cred, but it will be over soon and I'll be back to sitting with my laptop next to a giant mound of clothes, with good intentions. 


  1. put r2, tobs, brincess & baby t to work with the paint
    it will be very creative
    very interesting
    probably quite colorful
    try it
    you will like it

    then blog on that sista


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