Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paint it black


Sometimes I wish there were cameras following my life. Not so much the part where I'm eating half a bag of Oreos in my bed and yelling, "I. SAID. GO. TO. SLEEP. IN. THERE." but you know, some of the other parts, when I have eyeliner on and my kids are being hilarious. Or this week, when Liz and I moved a refrigerator outside all by our female selves.

At the time, I couldn't really take pictures, because we were busy devising ways to almost make a refrigerator fall on us. It had wheels, which is awesome, but we had to move it through 2 doorways and down the stairs to the front porch. I can't say how awesome we are, it's too much. We put it on a dolly with a flat tire and leaned it over, way over, down the steps and finally landed it on the concrete. Then we plugged it in for a few minutes, because we were pretty sure we broke it. But it still worked. So, win.

So, now I will be like a crafty craft blogger and tell you the steps to painting your refrigerator.

1.) unplug refrigerator and move it to well ventilated dropclothed area, because your husband will FREAK if you paint the concrete again.

2.) stop a couple dozen times to retrieve very dusty magnets and Valentine's pizza coupons that were stuck underneath.

3.) stop and MARVEL at the crushed dyed Easter egg shell that has evidently been under said fridge for YEARS, since you have lived here for 2 years and never dyed an Easter Egg. Wow.

4.) Don't die, moving fridge down stairs while neighbors chuckle inside their houses. Tape rubbery bits of fridge.

5.) Spray primer. Run out of spray primer. Go buy more. Spray primer. Read instructions on appliance paint, "Priming not recommended."

6.) Wait. Wait all night. Lay awake, wondering if junebugs are leaving their nasty legs in your wet, unnecessary primer.

7.) Paint the fridge. It took me 2.5 cans of Appliance Epoxy before it looked fully covered. ($4.50 apiece) (Also fully covered, my weird feet.) Round 2, wear gloves and a hat, put iPhone in baggie. Still, black specks in your nose and a strange, "I snorted gum" sensation.

8.) Wait at least 24 hours to let epoxy dry. Try to think of a way to get the refrigerator back inside the house. Give serious thought to leaving it on the porch, with an extension cord. It's not that nice of a neighborhood, anyway...


  1. I marvel at your awesomeness! And if you don't live in a great neighborhood and leave it on the porch someone might steal your groceries!

    Jen Henry

  2. yahaha

    well. tha's one way to git yer hair did...

  3. Reminds me of Rosie the Riveter! Well done awesome ladies. Yeah I'd leave it out there. Maybe add a couch. That way you could have friends over to visit and have ice cream. I have seen other furnishings added for the family's comfort but you don't want to overdo it. Mama

  4. I catch yer drift. I did live in Midway for a while...

  5. sounds like cut n shoot

  6. I have never in my life considered painting my frig, even though it does not match anything in my whole kitchen. Now I have to give some very serious consideration to doing so, all because of this.

  7. I like your hat-headed mighty woman pic. :)

  8. Never even thought you could paint a fridge. I've been educated.
    The fridge looks good, too.

  9. Never thought to be all modern and paint the fridge black. Well done!


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