Wednesday, April 20, 2011

left behind: the ministry wife

Well. Evidently single people read blogs. Also, evidently my theory on the "one" is a semi-controversial topic. Thanks for my biggest blog reader day ever. Whoda thunk? Anyway, as usual, once I posted it I thought of a bunch more stuff I wanted to say, about dating and singleness and also about being married. And I will say more, next week. Today, Imma chill.

Last night, in what most people would call the middle of the night, my husband came home. (I don't call it the middle of the night, because there is no rest for the mommy, not ever, and day and night are the same to her) Anyway, he came back from gallivanting around California with a rock band and also sleeping on a cot and riding in vans with a bunch of preacher-type teenagers.

I don't usually blog about him traveling, because that would be dumb. I just try to carry on as usual, and the fact that I am blogging about going insane and joining a convent should clue you in.

I'm realizing there's a lot of us, ministry wives, that is, who stay home while your man travels about propagating the Gospel and whatnot. It's a tribe of sorts, who know how to get 3 kids and groceries in a shopping cart, and the fastest way to buckle car seats in the rain, and the glorious late hours when they're all finally asleep and you double your calorie intake and watch stuff your relatively righteous husband wouldn't watch, like sitcoms or Hilary Duff movies. And then, just as all is quiet, the one you love calls, because where HE is, it's not 11 pm. And you miss the guy, right? You love him, miss him, want him to come back. But now, RIGHT now? With the brownies and the sleeping and the moment when Hilary or Miley or Reese or whoever is going to admit she was never rich, and lied to him BUT she really, really loves him? Time for a nice long chat NOW?

Anyway. I've been the full-time stay at home part of this ministry partnership for a year or two now, and I've figured out a lot of coping tips, some of which are good and helpful, and some that are probably detrimental to the health and spirituality of the at-home household.

So there might be some kind of series coming about all that, since the MOG is slated for over a month at home, which is unusual, and I am planning to leave him alone to bond with his children often, whilst I bond with a Coke and notebook at some quiet locale. Inspiration might strike.


  1. 6 months ago my youngest was 5 and the whole fam was in-it-to-win-it, St. Louis HOP style. But now my youngest is 6 months and I, and our little ones, are supporting the troops from home. So, please, share your wisdom.
    *starting a chant* do it. Do it! DO IT!

  2. Oh, please do. I used to make cabbage rolls every time Matt left town(he hates them). Now he travels way to often for that, I'd hate cabbage rolls if I made them that much.


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