Tuesday, April 5, 2011

he said, she said

He could be on the phone for an hour. When I ask him who it was, what it was about, he freezes up. I get one word answers. Meanwhile, halfway into my description of the cashier's hair, he glazes over and doesn't hear anything. 

He, at one time, bought a huge variety of solid gray t-shirts. I feel terribly, terribly confined when my clothes are too matchy. 

During a "fight", I will think of all the issues that this issue brings up, and try to resolve them, while we're at it. He is confused, because as far as he knew, we were fighting about him throwing away the mail. 

We did premarital counseling for a young couple last fall. I think one of our most useful pieces of advice we gave them went something like this. "At some point, you will have conflict. It is important to remember that the reason your spouse is totally illogical and/or nuts is because you married the opposite gender." Call it stereotyping, but we are different. 

Today I told Toby and Brynn to draw a picture of a "fun day." Here are the results. 

Toby: "This is me, on a slide."
Brynn: "I'm on a swing! And this is colorful!"


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  2. The two illustrations provided by your children totally got the point across! Love it!


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