Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tristan is great: an adoption Update

So, howz about a Tristan update? You got it.

Trissy is 3 months old. He's fat and jolly and awesome, like a tiny beardless Santa Claus. If he's not sleeping or hungry, he's smiling. Even when you're sleep deprived, seeing a fat little baby beaming at you in the middle of the night is good stuff. I can get a giggle out of him if I try hard, but it's a slightly nervous half laugh, half cry. 

Loving Tristan feels exactly like loving my bio kids. The MOG and I are passionate about him, think he's beautiful and funny and advanced and we are totally in love with him. Zero difference. I tell you that because maybe you wondered, I know I did pre-adoption. 

In some ways we feel like it's a little easier to just celebrate and enjoy him, because we aren't recovering from the emotional trauma of bedrest and preterm deliveries. He's also Toby and Brynn's favorite toy, now that they've figured out how to make him talk and smile. I have to save his life multiple times a day, although he doesn't seem to mind being in the line of fire. 

It's interesting to look at his face, and to see his birthfamily there, and feel the sweetness of that. I think about his birthmom most days, just because of his eyes. The birthfamily is doing well, by the way. We've been in contact a couple of times in the last month, mostly by text and the photoblog I set up for them. I honor his birthmom, and I know she loves him and will always be his first mom.

That doesn't change how he sees me, as his mama. He looooooves me. I get the shared shock of joy every time he wakes up, both of us remembering again how great it is to have each other. 

Adoption is good stuff, y'all.  



  1. OH my gosh so cute. Baby legs baby legs baby legs! So delicious!
    I want our kids to meet so bad.

  2. so encouraging as we begin our i am just wondering how long we will have to wait for our baby. i am not very good at waiting...

  3. I love my little Tristan and I cant wait to remind him who his Bedste is. Such a sweet little Mr Man.

  4. glad to know that tristan is great

    now what

    where is the new blog

    sign me snarky

  5. Man o man! You just gotta love those snarky people! LOL!


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