Tuesday, November 10, 2009

weekend recap and R2 recap


Oh, what's that? I owe you a blog? Well, maybe you owe me some comments! See, see how it's gonna be? All right then. Fine.

So, back to Friday. We drove to San Antonio from Dallas, and did our thing, which involved massive amounts of barbecue and then setting up and such. I did my duties and then stood by the door like some kinda puppy in the window. Finally, the convoy with my children arrived and I went and seized them and got a little choked up with no actual waterworks. It was such a relief to have them near me again.

Saturday we drove back to KC with JM and Andrew and our kids. For 15 hours. In a minivan. Richy, Jessica, Andrew, JM, R2, Toby, Brynn, guitar, suitcases, pillows, blankets, etc. Basically, we brought everything but legroom. For 15 hours. It was fun.
It's good to be back in KC, with my house and my bed and my babies. I might even be inspired to write some fiction in here, if I get some kind of sign that someone is reading this...

Today I went up to the Junior High to meet teachers and do Richy's IEP. That's right, I said Junior High. As in I will be putting my kid who still wears diapers in JUNIOR HIGH. Cue nervous. It was a good meeting. I really like his teacher for next year, even though it seems like he will need way more independence than he has now just to make it in there. That's part of their goals though, eventually. To prepare him for more independence, to transition to adulthood. I think this would be easier for me to process if he were bigger than a 5 year old.

The goals they made last year were fairly lofty, but I didn't argue because shoot, why not shoot for the stars? Anyway, this year the goals are more like, be able to identify numbers 1 through 5, learn how to sort by color, etc. Pretty low but very realistic.

Now, that's it. That's all I have to say and I'm tired now. Comment and inspire me to inspire you tomorrow.


  1. I am reading and in desperate need of inspiration myself. So you have to keep posting new blogs or my life is meaningless!

  2. Jess, i read every sing entry you post. And i enjoy every one.

    Thank you for faithfully writing to us! You are a blessing!


  3. Jess.... I read ALMOST every single word you write and when I have the time and am not feeling energetic and hyper and I feel chilled and calm enough to read.... THERE IS NOTHING.... so please keep posting and I miss you so much and it makes me feel like you are close.... and I do actually read every word you write but not every day..... sometimes I sit and catch up ... but every word is important...

    MY favorite things to read are about R2 and Tobias and Bean.... Has she gone pee pee yet? Need to know..

    I also like being kept up on all of the adnoids and such....and tonsil removals and eye appt... and of course.... what is the latest novel that Tobias just finished.... and what did he think about the plot..

  4. i love your blog!! I feel like I'm getting to know you through it and very much appreciate you writing on it!! Mostly I just lurk but will stop and actually make comments to inspire you!!! I really LOVE televena (Sp?? its not in front of me)

    Love you!!
    mommy mere pete

  5. *sigh* I'll admit it. I'm a blog lover & LURKER... rare is the comment from me, but I do check every day (sometimes multiple times) to see if there is an update from one of my fave online friends.

    Luv to hear all about you & yours - joys & struggles, hopes & heartaches... because all of it is genuine you.

  6. be inspired

    that's my comment

    go for it

  7. Man, I feel like we are in a creative writing class where the professor threatens to not come to class if the kids don't come up with something creative.

    Oh, great Jessica...
    We love your blog...
    We want your fiction...
    Tell us again about peanut butter on the walls...-G

  8. Really I do love the peanut butter or blue dry erase marker on the walls stories.-G


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