Monday, November 16, 2009

on renewal, and why my baby is the boss of me

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Over the last week or several days, we have been experiencing a real move of God here at IHOP. I won't try to define it, because I wouldn't do a very good job. You should just go over to the website and watch some archives and testimonies or to Randy Bohlender's blog and read this. To put it simply, we are being greatly refreshed and healed.

In other news, Brynn has established her position as Boss of the House in the last 2 weeks. She was bossy before, but now she reigns. "You don't DO that, Mom," she tells me sternly. "You don't say no to me." and so on. It would be far easier to set her straight if she was not cute.

But she is cute. SO cute. She is tiny, the size of an 18 monther, and she has a tiny little voice and tiny little fingernails pointing at you as she demands that you give her an apple, or put her beanie baby inside her purse, or whatever. And all of the sudden you realize that you are giving her the purple bowl because she demanded it and it's too late because you are sucked into a pit of adorableness and you have no choice.

Very, very soon here, I will reestablish my authority around here. I will look down on her upturned face with her rosebud lips pouting and her beautiful blue eyes filled with tears and I will say, sternly, "Okay. But this is the LAST time."

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