Thursday, February 2, 2012

Komen and Planned Parenthood


It’s never seemed right to me, the fact that the Susan G. Komen foundation donates to Planned Parenthood. I mean, even if you want to deny the obvious breast cancer/abortion link AND the birth control/breast cancer link, you can’t ignore the fact that Planned Parenthood doesn’t do mammograms. They don’t provide them. And they don’t do other breast cancer tests or treatment, they refer those out. So why do they need upwards of $600,000 a year from SGK to do basic examination and referral? It’s just always seemed disingenuous to me that the most well known breast cancer research foundation would support that.

So SGK makes a good call, based on their function, to focus monies on other organizations. And immediately the wails go up from Planned Parenthood acolytes, “Women will DIE!” they wail. Heads up ladies, women are dying now. They’re dying in the womb, by the thousands every day. And until yesterday, their dying was partially funded by SGK. 

Let’s get real, Planned Parenthood. If you really cared about women, you’d tell them the truth about abortion and breast cancer, and about abortion and depression and suicide, about abortion and infertility and recurrent miscarriage. You’d let them see an ultrasound, see the truth, weigh the options for themselves like adult women. If you cared about women, you would not surround every true word with two lies.

My grandmother had breast cancer when I was a kid. I remember her going through treatment, a double mastectomy. All of my life, I've been aware of the risk factors. Wouldn't it be something if there was a research foundation dedicated to finding a cure in the most ethical and morally sound way? Sign me up. I've been wanting to buy pink for years. 


  1. Thank you. Thank you very much. Go Maggie!

  2. And now, the media keeps saying that they're correcting their "mistake". Gah!

    Jenn's Mom


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