Thursday, December 15, 2011

day 4: quackers!

Housewife log, day something, losing perception of time

This is Day 4, I think. Wednesday night, as I'm typing this. I am becoming more sure as the days pass that social media is valid and valuable. I would have already argued that before, but now I seem more legit, right? Look at me, all legit.

Valid and valuable. A true form of communication and community with friends who live far away, or for mommies (or whomever) stuck at home without a car, whatever. It's a valuable tool to maintain long-distance relationship. But, like food, the fact that it is good and useful makes it good and useful to fast, too. I am coming face to face with myself, since my favorite form of technological  medicine is taken away. So I have to see I'm bored and lonely and lazy, and I have to deal with that. So, social media is good, and taking a break from social media is good. But I'm not becoming anti-networking, any more than fasting food makes me anti-fajitas.

Holy. Moly. Fajitas. I forgot all about you. My apologies. I will be in Texas in like a week and you will be mine.

I miss my friends. Even my friends who I've seen today. I miss the minutiae.

In other news, we had a baby shower today for Han and JM and baby Fridencrouserschniztel (names changed to amuse the semi-innocent). My attractive single friend Liz and I stepped on preschoolers all afternoon, as they felt the most advantageous location to be directly in the center of the kitchen floor at all times. It was a good party, now baby Friedinheimer can show up any time, as long as the grandparents have enough notice.

Day 4 in the can, 3 to go.


  1. Name Suggestions for Baby Fridencrouserschniztel

    1) Franz (meaning French)
    2) Friederic (peaceful ruler)
    3) Friedhelm (peace protector)
    4) Friedhold (peaceful ruler)
    5) Fritz (peaceful ruler)

    These are some very names for Han & JM to consider don't cha think?

  2. You speak often of this amazing food in Texas....where is it I want to know. Been here for months and not tasted what you speak of.

  3. what part of Texas are you in, Annie? Because it sounds like a SAD part.

  4. well, then! get yourself to Pappasitos, ASAP :)
    there are a ton of great Mexican restaurants in Montgomery County, but there's also some great BBQ. I haven't been to Rudy's, but I've heard it's 1st class. Also love McKenzie's BBQ in Conroe, and then Vernon's Kuntry Katfish out on 105 W is really great comfort food. I can think of more places, but start with the fajitas at Pappasitos.

  5. It looks like I'm eating fajitas this weekend :) Thanks for hooking a girl up!


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