Thursday, December 22, 2011

the beach, and why I'm writing about not writing

I'm sitting in a hotel room, where it is quiet, except for the humming of appliances and the screeching of passing seagulls. We  had hotel reward points saved up and got a free room, which we will relinquish momentarily, once the MOG comes back from the jetties, where he is no doubt encountering God in a way that only happens here, by the ocean. I married a mystic.

As for me, I am just starting to feel relaxed. Somehow it takes me a day or so to let go of whatever I'm thinking about. I wrote an article for Moral Outcry yesterday, and then I read a story of a violet-eyed dance-hall girl turned goldminer, and how she found love instead of gold. Sometimes I wonder why I'm not writing books. It seems pretty easy, if you catch my drift. Maybe I'll write an Amish fiction series, about Elisabeth Yoder and the Englischer who saves her Mam's life and captures her heart, but he plays the guitar and has a rare blood disease. And BAM! I'm in.

And it's not like I really have an excuse. Women with much busier lives than me write books. Also, women who write books would probably have never let ^ that  sentence slide. It comes down to discipline and organization, I think. I think about this all the time, actually. How I could get organized and put my thoughts together and find something for the kids to do and then sit down and write something longer than 300 words. But then I just have a snack and do something else.

I will do it, you know, eventually. I take great comfort in the advanced age of many beginning writers, people who had their first book published in their latter years, which is not me- I mean, I am 33. Still a puppy. So soon, very soon, I will collect all of my books about writing books, and my special laptop tray and all of the other stuff I've purchased instead of writing, and I will write a book. And when I do, you better buy it.


  1. I'll certainly buy it. Or at least check it out from the library. In regards to writing a book, just write a paragraph here and there, in that spare five or ten minutes in between the kids' naps. You don't have to write a lot—just often.

  2. I'd buy it. My mom would buy it. In fact I'm pretty sure multiple people would buy it—fiction, nonfiction, anthology adapted from blog posts, whatever. Because awesome.

  3. Don't laugh.

    When I took a creative writing course, back when Haight-Ashbury was the place to be, we were taught that the most creative moments for the brain are in the first 30 minutes after awakening in the morning. They told us to grab a pad and paper (these days, boot up the computer) and start writing instantly in the mornings. That is supposedly when our brains have not yet clicked into gear for the day, and our thoughts are the purest.

    Ya gotta write stuff before somebody poops. Just saying.

  4. Ummmm......"Halllooow", said Wabbit to Pooh!

    Have I not told thee? These many long years?

    Yes, please! I want to say I have this awesome Erma Bombeck type friend who writes books.

    I would buy it!

    Go, Jess, Go!

    So, what are you thinking, what genre, amongst your favorite....

    1) Sense and Sensibility
    2) Pride and Prejudice
    3) Erma Bombeck; aka, my crazy life kind
    4) Moral Outcry

    or whatever else you are into.....

    Give us a tidbit...throw us a bone.

    That's what the pros do....they throw bones and talk about it a good while to build up curiosity, and an interest...etc etc.

    We are behind you all the way!

  5. I would totally buy it because your sarcasm would make my day! I've also considered writing a book, but I can't figure out what to write about, or even settle on a genre. I feel fairly certain that with the excessive amount of reading I have done since grade two, I should be able to write something half-way decent myself. But apparently, I don't have anything worth saying yet. I am, however, only twenty-four, so I'm like an embryonic puppy or something and probably have plenty of time to cook something up.


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