Thursday, March 31, 2011

On holiday from reason

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Life is all about learning. This week, I learned that family vacations are not restful. "let's take the kids!" I pleaded. "They LOVE the beach!" The MOG reluctantly agreed, and the children for whom we have prayed tantrumed and peed their way across Galveston Island.

I can still get fairly idealistic, even after almost 12 years of parenting. I'm so in love with my kids that sometimes I forget they are capable of great chaos and malfeasance. (that is a gorgeous word) 

I had a mental picture of all of us parked on the shore, soaking up a few rays with a book while the children played happily in the sand. That didn't happen. It was cold and wet and windy, and everybody was a little grumpy. After a while we did settle into a groove and had some excitement buying a seashell. I had to work hard to talk a 3 littles out of a shark magnet that read "Bite Me". 

Yesterday morning I woke up idealistic again. "I'll make a big breakfast!" thought I. And I did, eventually. By the time it was ready, little people were strewn across the furniture, crying for God to take them now, and I was plugged into my Mellow Mix on the ol iPod, after crying twice. TWICE. I don't usually cry twice in a YEAR. 

Breakfast was delicious, ultimately. I think the kids had fun, and they'll have good memories of their very last beach vacation. I kid. We'll take them again, someday. Maybe when THEY have kids. 

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