Wednesday, March 2, 2011

feelin the burn

I like to turn over my new leafs on the first of months. It seems fitting, a shiny new month. Hey! I think. This month I could get super-skinny and read the whole Bible and teach Brynn to read and maybe take over the interwebs.

Yesterday I decided to start working out. I've put on about 15 pounds, which doesn't look that bad unless I look at myself in a mirror or try to wear non-maternity clothes. That's the thing. I just wear what I always wore, and it looks kind of like my clothes, but considerably lumpier. Not cool. No problem, I think. It's all under control. My jeans are stretchy, and I have a fair collection of empire-waisted shirts. Except I'm not really shooting for the 5 months pregnant look.

Now, maybe you've seen me and you think I look great. I do! I do look great. Especially my FACE. But you know, you have comfort levels with your own size and so I can gripe about the lumpiness, because, sheesh.

Anyway. All that to say I actually went to the Y yesterday, and re-signed up, because I cancelled my membership last year, and then I went and did 45 minutes of exercise. It wasn't that bad. Once I actually get there, I like exercise. It's the dressing of the childrens and the driving and the MILE LONG sidewalk that I dread.

So I did all that, and burned a couple hundred calories and then rewarded myself with lunch at McDonald's and a candy bar.


  1. At least you have a new baby to carry around, so people will assume it's baby weight. :)

  2. why is it that super skinny is the ONLY look?????

    could it be due to media?

  3. it definitely could be. I don't care as much about the SIZE, it's the way my clothes fit that bugs me. :)


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