Monday, January 31, 2011

the SNOW will EAT US

Evidently the End of Days is upon us, and Missouri is about to be blotted from the earth by the snowy hand of God. Or so the weather sites say. The MOG and I take a fairly casual approach to weather preparedness. He likes to read about how bad it's going to be, and speculate about chaos and martial law, and then not buy any groceries. Or we'll buy enough firewood, but no matches. Enough bottled water for 6 hours. Stuff like that.

My mom sees things differently. Always a keen studier of the weather, a storm like this one sends her into a planning frenzy. Here's the deal. She might be right. Possibly. And I can't ignore her concerns, both because she might be right, and because God pays attention to who is listening to their MAMAS. And if there is one way to get the Big One dumped on Missouri, right on my house, it's to wave off the concerns of my mom. So I'm listening.

Thus, I am off to buy sandwich stuff and water and firewood and matches and such. Then the storm will probably pass us by. But God will know.


  1. Ha! This post totally nails it! Truth be told, the most dangerous part is wandering out into the panicked chaos to get your supplies. I hope you didn't get your eye gouged out by some desperate woman reaching for the last box of matches. ;)

    If we DO get a foot, I'll be shocked.

    Oh, and I'm proud of you for listening to your mama. :D

  2. did it snow????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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