Friday, January 14, 2011

delurk, delurk and skim no more


I am so thankful that people read this blog. I started it 5.5 years ago, to keep my family updated on my Toby pregnancy. My main goal was to avoid having to talk on the phone. Years later, it still works. Go ahead, try to call me.

So thank you, readers. Some days when there is nothing going on, I just try to think about what is funny in the nothing and write it for you, because I know you like to laugh with me, or at me, whatever. 

Today is National Delurking Day (in the blogosphere) so please speak up in the comments and tell me a little about yourself, even if I already know all about you. Don't worry about all the sign in stuff, if you aren't already logged into Blogger, it's easy to comment using Anonymous. 

In other news, we had our first birthfamily visit today. More about that next week.


  1. I read - I've also commented before, so I'm not much of a lurker... I love being nosy into other people's lives!

  2. I'm not much of a lurker since I comment often, but I started following your blog after finding it.... somehow. Honestly can't remember how. I think it was through one of the Radiant's facebook pages somehow? And then we were facebook friends? Or I was facebook friends with your husband.... still not sure why he accepted my friend request after I mocked him and called him a diva the whole time my church hosted him and the rest of the group. Maybe because I bought him enough Rockstar energy drinks that he forgave me.....

    Anyway, back to subject, about me.... hmmm... I live in Michigan, am very involved in my church, very active at work, am completely addicted to coffee, and I love long walks on the beach.... no, just kidding about that last part. I don't like all the sand. But I blog too at if you really want to know more about me.

    I love your blog because a) you have the same sarcastic sense of humor that often gets me in trouble... um, I mean, that I have and b) your adoption posts are very inspiring. I really, really, really want to adopt someday. Maybe sooner rather than later. We'll see. Still praying about that one.

    Have a great weekend! (Uh oh.... I think my comment might be longer than my average blog post. Oops.)

  3. So, who exactly keeps this blogosphere calendar? How can i know when the blogoholidays are without the calendar?

    I'm not a lurker. You know me.

    Does this delurking thing work? I'd like to try it, but i'm afraid the lurkers will just continue lurking.

    Oh well, as long as they keep reading. ;)

  4. *decloaks*

    I admit to being a lurker rather than a commenter, mostly because of the lame excuse that I know next to nothing about kids. But you consistently make me laugh so hard (this becomes a problem at work) that one time I blew Scripture out my nose. Blam!

  5. My name is two turtle doves.
    I am a bachlor who enjoys ice fishing, knitting and the occasional pb&j. That is why I srarted reading your blog, because of the pictures of pb&j on your front page. To be honest I am not the greatest cook, but have invented some nifty ways to spice up some top ramen. My evenings consist of pb&j sandwiches, and I love lucy episodes. Ethel is so smoking..., grrrrrrrrr. Since I dont have a job, uncle sam supports me. This allows for me to focus all .my attention on my strengths, like grammar!! I went to collage but my prof disagreed with me on some fundamential elements of gramatical use, so I dropped his class, I am sure, people like you, and me could understand my frustration. He was a jerk anyways. Anyways; i am a hugh fan of you jess, I have got a copy of all of your husbands music. That joker can sing, I take his music everywhere with me. From the back roads of the hills to the flatland, he is with me. (my most favorit thing to do is to put radiant in and go froliicking around. #Somuchfun!!!!!#) well ta, ta for now. Truely yours two turtle doves.

  6. i am a hugh fan of you to, turtle doves.

  7. we know each other :) i comment here and there. i just lub your writing. it cracks me up . keep on keepin on jess.

  8. Just posting to prove Beth wrong.

    Besides, I would LOVE to know who is reading my blog!

    Sandi (PAI)

  9. This is to Skylar, Parker, Jet, and Ella, and a whole lot of babies in heaven. I love your blog. You always say what other moms are thinking but are too afraid to admit. :)

  10. I'm Hannah W. here in KC, married with four chillens, and I lurk because I have not been blessed with the opportunity to get to know you better in person. I really, really enjoy reading your blog.

  11. This is Annie. Momma to Austin, Molly, Jack, Emma & Andrew and a few extras from time to time. I think I may have found your blog thru Tracie Loux's blog about 6 months ago and been lurking ever since.

  12. well, i'm a little late. These days I lurk b/c i usually have a nursing and/or sleeping baby in my lap and the best i can do is press "like" without waking up said baby.

    I really enjoy your're so funny and honest. Can't even count the times i've laughed out loud or was just sitting there crying with you. Thanks for sharing your heart, Jess. <3

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I'm Wendy. I found your blog when Tracie Loux posted one of your blogs on FB or a link or something. I love reading your blogs and didn't realize I am a lurker - I've only commented once or twice. : )
    I also like that you say what alot of moms think but are afraid to say!

    I am here in KC and my kids are Keary, Kaelan, Kileigh, Kiah, Collin and Keegan. We just finished foster classes and are hoping to adopt a sibling group of 2 or 3 through the foster care system! So, I love reading about other families who have adopted and following their stories.

    Thanks for being real!

  14. I think I've commented a couple times, but I mostly lurk since we don't really know each other. I found you through HP.

    Let's see... I'm 36. I've lived in KC all my life. I wish I was as funny as you are. I love your sarcasm and quick wit. Oh wait. That's not about me. Um, I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. Married for 9 years. I've had 5 root canals. I hate coconut. I'm fascinated by sharks. How's that?

  15. Hi my name is Andrea and I have been lurking for the last two years. I have commented on occasion, but not enough to undo my lurk status. I live 1.3 miles from your house and usually see you when I come by to drag Liz off your couch. Sometimes I see you when Richy hosts a worship/prayer thing. Mostly, I just read your blog.

  16. this is great! I love hearing from you all!

  17. I started following to keep up on pregnancies/babies/ & generally all things Radiant... Now I read to learn more about adoption, thrift store shopping, driving mis-adventures, WalMart runs, and the genius of your children.

    I'm a missionary currently living in Nairobi, Kenya and its great to read about the goings on back in the USA. Plus I'm awed by your awesome rock-star status, I could only wish to be so cool!

  18. Ok, ok, so I'm a lurker. But you do kind of know a very round about way. My in laws are pastors of a church in NC that Radiant has visited many times. In fact they are the same pastors who own the poor Beta that met his unfortunate end during your visit. I loved that story, by the way. I love reading about your every day adventures. Being the wife of a man in the service of our Lord as well, I find a lot of inspiration from your family. Not to put undo pressure on you or anything, its mainly just nice to find someone else who can sit back and laugh at the circumstances we find ourselves in.

  19. Hi Jess..................


  20. I've commented a few times. Started reading your blog when Tracie posted it when you were selling your adoption shirts. I have 2 children and have been thrown into the adoption movement this past summer when my parents adopted a newborn. They are now adopting twins in March! Weeeeeeeeeeee!
    My new sister and my youngest baby are 8 weeks apart - the neice is older, lol!
    I love reading your sarcasm, cracks me up- like "before you write me hate mail on the back of a Whole Foods receipt"- LOL!!! Too funny! Keep it comin! :)

  21. i am anon and shall remain so
    i would not say i am a lurker
    at least not until now
    this blog is a good read
    keep it up blogette

    sign me
    anon 4ever

  22. Well, I am just new here I guess! You guys came to our church back in '09 (see post in May from Anniston, AL) The hubs and I were worship pastors there at the time. I had just had a new baby and therefore was experiencing a great deal of sleeplessness and not really very talkative. I've also got a 5 year old born just a month before yours. Anyway, just started blogging literally today
    It's pretty boring over there right now, but I hope to spice it up soon. I have enjoyed reading your blog and I can identify with some of your day to day frustrations with crazy awesome babies.

  23. I started following after you posted a vaccine post very similar to my own. My friend Susan shared your blog with me.

  24. I don't lurk. I just don't comment very often. ;-)

  25. I am in Arkansas.. connected w/ a local house of prayer & frequent ihopkc as much as possible. We are new foster parents. Currently we have 5 total (2 of which are bio): 9,7,6,3 & 6weeks. :) I am also a local director of The CALL (Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime) - we recruit, train & support Christian foster & adoptive parents.

    I found your blog a while back.. I think I jumped from Randy Bohlender's... I LOVE your blog! I love your humor. You are sarcastic like my husband.. which I adore unless I'm mad. :)

    Is that enough info to consider myself de-lurked?


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