Monday, May 3, 2010


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Three items of some interest today:

one: I gave up on potty-training Brynn and then half-heartedly picked it back up last week, and found to my great shock that she's totally into it. As in, not having any accidents during the day kind of into it. Now that I have told you this, she will probably totally regress and pee on everything.

two: I am near death. Or at least, I have a cold. I have coughed all night for 3 days, and if I drink any more chai tea with honey, I will be captured by Indian bees and taken away to be their queen. I am requesting that the MOG buy multiple varieties of cough-suppressing and sleep-inducing drugs, and that request should clear my cold right up before I actually ingest any of the pharmaceuticals.

And C: I have completed all of our adoption application documents. If the MOG can complete his 12 page self-study tonight, then I will turn all that in tomorrow along with money and such, and then after something... some kind of review or something, we will begin our homestudy. I'm going to start up again with the fundraising at that point, so get ready!

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