Monday, May 17, 2010

Adoption update: Banquet de Tejas

On another note, I will be talking more about how you can help the family of Levi Brett in upcoming days-  stay tuned. I was writing that blog today, but I want to have some more specifics yet to direct you.

All right, y'all. If you came looking for your weekly adoption update, you came to the right place! If you came looking for amusing anecdotes from a mother of toddlers, you have 4 years of archives to weed through. That should keep you busy for a while! If you came for something else, I don't know if I can help you or not until you use your words.

So, adopting and whatnot. Our homestudy is one week from today. I may or may not be panicking a little about kids, and rooms, and beds, and broken mini-blinds and such. The awesome news is, we were given $450 last week, which pays for the first half of the homestudy. Amazing.

We still need multiple thousands of dollars, so if you have a few grand laying around blocking your view, just click here and send it away. Our next goal will be the remainder of the homestudy fee, which could range from $600-800, and will be due when we finish our homestudy, which will be in June or July, probably.

If you are lucky enough to be a Texan, thank the Keeper of the Stars. But also, get ready! We'll be doing a fundraiser dinner at a location to be decided (somewhere in Montgomery Cty) on June 12th.  Dinner will be served and Leah Nelson of TrEd will be dancing, plus maybe some other special guests. Invites will be mailed and we'll be selling tickets and then doing a silent auction. Julie Davis is the Southern coordinator of this event, and I will be the Midwestern Panic Department Coordinator.

If you want to give, or be invited, or donate some good or service to the auction, lemme know and I will hook you up.


  1. Silent auction? What kind of donations would be needed?-G


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