Thursday, October 1, 2009

In reflection, fail.

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6:55 am here in good ol' Music City. There was talk of leaving at 7, but the MOG is still sawing logs. I lie. Actually, he is laying very still with his eyes closed, hoping that someone else will go outside to the van, collect his coffee, bring it in and do the honors. Too bad I'm not a coffee drinker or the nurturing type.

If we leave momentarily as planned, we will be back in KC by late afternoon, which sounds all great and easy but it is still 8+ hours of driving...

In reflection, this trip was a bit of a tour-readiness check for the wee ones. #FAIL.

Let me say, they are great at being toddlers, and pretty amazing in their ability to travel for days and days - and as long as the van is moving, everyone is pretty happy. They only melt down/draw on walls/kill fish when the van is stopped. In even further reflection, Toby did all those things.

So, maybe another year of growth and development is needed. Of course, by then Bean will be three. Heaven Help us.

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  1. i lol-ed "not the nurturing type" hilarious! it's important to know yourself.


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