Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday fiction: on Monday

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I’d been thinking about it for weeks. No question, my father was dying. And there ain’t no question he was a bad man. Whatever inheritance he had waiting on me was probably some kinda rotten ol mobile home and a mound of debts and some ol mangy dog that wasn’t worth the bullet.

Still, like Hank Jr. and Jimmy been sayin over and over, he IS my dad, and I should be loyal and go on over and see him, just to honor a dyin man’s wish. Hank Jr. is pretty concerned about how I would live with myself if I let that old reprobate die without so much as a how’re you… maybe he’s right. It’s the sweetest thing, Hank Jr. worryin about me. Too bad he’s a skunk of a man.

It’s times like this I wish I had a mama to ask questions. I did ask my mama, back in 2nd grade, about a boy I liked. She said she figured I was old enough to make my own decisions. I don’t recall ever askin her for advice after that.

Somehow though, I had a thought to watch her show today, see if maybe it give me some ideas for what to do with my ol man.

First off, she had woke up from her coma, but she was in some kinda secret identity or something. She was all dressed up like a schoolteacher with some big glasses and her shirt all buttoned up. I tell you what, I almost didn’t recognize her without her bosoms. She was arguing with a different angry man than usual, and whoo boy, he was givin her what-for. Now, I don’t speak much Spanish but it might have had something to do with a chicken.

Then, just when I was getting into it, mama’s former angry guy is in a bedroom with a real creaky old man, yelling and lifting up his hand like he was gonna slap him and the old man was too weak to argue, and then the old fella remembers my mama looking just about the same old age as she is now except she was obviously a teenager because she had two pigtails and bows in her hair and such. And she’s just crying and carryin on and slammin doors and then this music starts and she looks up and everything gets real blurry and she hugs the old man and then we were back in the room with the angry man and the old fella is layin there lookin real weak and such.

I was getting pretty interested in the whole story line when Jimmy come busting through the door screaming about pigs. I thought maybe some pigs was chasing him till 4 police cars pulled up in the yard and then those officers was yelling about surroundin the house and what not . Dadgum idiot. I tell you what.

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