Friday, October 30, 2009

I am not pregnant in Salt Lake City and other short stories

I mentioned the other day that I might get nauseated. The context was, if I eat Hot Fries, then I will feel sick. Fact.

Still, I used the word nauseated and thus inspired the is she pregnant commentary. I am not, although I told everyone I was last week so I wouldn't have to carry guitars. No one believed me. Skeptics.

Anyways, I'm not. Don't ever plan to be again, in fact. I plan to adopt babies. Babies and babies and babies. I haven't figured out how to take them on the road yet, however.

But maybe you are saying, "Hey! What about Jenny and Hank Jr?" If so, I am sorry. To both of my story-fans. The thing is, I have to be in a certain mind to write Jenny stuff and I'm not in that mindset out here. So there you go.

Today we are in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have yet to see a vanfull of wives. Tomorrow we drive 45 minutes or so to Park City, where we will be all weekend. It is beautiful and very, very cold. (to a Texan, anyway)

Currently, we are soundchecking and then half of us are going to a thrift store to buy jackets and such and half of us are getting free massages. Nice.


  1. crack me up!

    and also, i can imagine how being in the Spirit and ministry and whatnot might not be the best situation in which to consider the life of Jenny, who is clearly not in the Spirit.

  2. Come on, Can't we somehow figure out how Hank and Jenny are important on a spiritual plain?-G

    Or is it just that Beth and I like to read fiction?

  3. So which are you doing -- fun clothes or free massage?? Massage, I hope.

    Also, you have me cracking up in my school library over the van comment.

  4. Nanna Banana is in TEXAS....... we need to co ordinate these UTAH trips and stay in HER awesome house and eat DANISH food....

  5. Make that all three of your story fans- I'm hooked.


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