Wednesday, August 7, 2013

last baby

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you're breaking all the rules

my parenting absolutes are in shambles
and as you climb into my bed for the fourth time tonight
I think
maybe you're the last baby

not because you're wild
and unrestrained
but just time and probability
maybe you're the last baby

and I'm letting you drink Coke
and I never let you cry
and my heart is knit to you
so unbearably tightly because
maybe you're the last baby

I don't make custom meals, I say
I don't reward tantrums
I'll never have a pet
As I sneak you a sandwich
because you don't like the food
and you cry till you get chips
and then feed the chips to the cat

last baby
you're rocking my world
I'm exhausted and out of ideas
and deeper in love than I ever knew

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