Monday, June 11, 2012

one with the couch

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I love a day without a plan. You know, you wake up in the morning and assess the situation: is there any reason I need to wear real pants today? and the answer is No. When the situation demands it, I pour some cereal and melt into a corner of the couch, and there I stay. These days usually happen when the MOG is on the road, because when he's here, I feel some obligation to look productive on his walk-throughs. 

He has an office here, just off the living room, which he has soundproofed to the best of his ability, and he locks himself in there and works. I don't actually know what he does, but it takes all day and pays the bills. Approximately 1000 times a day, he strolls through on his way to the coffeepot (he has a problem) and usually, he forgets what he was doing and wanders around for a while, judging other people's housekeeping standards and putting his checkbook in the freezer or something, and then he remembers coffee and back to the cave he goes. 

The strategy, young housewife, is to have something nearby to put your hand to. The metaphorical plow. Mine is usually a basket of clean laundry, which I fold when I need to. You catch my drift. Now, on a day when I am genuinely productive, no one will notice. I'll sweep and scrub like Cinderelly and all the while, I will think this is why I need a reality show, so the cameras would catch this. But then I think, the last thing I need is a reality show, because talk about judging. Now, I don't watch television, if you ask me in those precise words. But I watch the internet frequently, and so I know about television. And I read these message boards and MAN, people have a lot of opinion about their reality TV. I saw threads about Kate Gosselin get shut down on multiple sites, and that was even before the divorce and the plastic surgery. So. I don't think I'd fare well in the court of public opinion. Anyways. 

Today wasn't that day. I woke up and dressed the oldest child for school and then went to the gym at 6:30 and did much better on my 2nd fitness assessment, and then I came home and fed kids and changed diapers and then I melted into the couch. But I'm wearing normal pants and trying to make a 3 week meal plan and grocery list, and trying to write up some kind of diet plan that limits my Coke and cookie and candy intake and focuses more on stuff like meat and vegetables. So it's no vacation, judgy eyes, and you're out here for coffee. 

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