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it's political, obviously

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I spent some time on Thursday weeping my guts out, in a metaphorical way, because our friends moved away, and I gave some thought to writing a blog entry about that that day, but as soon as I was done sobbing and simultaneously eating an avocado, it was time to do some other stuff. So. Another day.

This might be a long one, because I feel chatty. The other stuff I had to do that day was so great. Here's how it went down. We got invited to a  free special event for pastors and leaders and such that included 3 meals and an overnight stay at a Sheraton and speeches and such by politicians and theologians and so on. You might be asking yourself why would we be invited? I ask myself the same question, but I didn't fight it.

See, I grew up loving politics. I mean, I remember being 12 years old and spending 3 hours a day lying on the floor, listening to Rush Limbaugh. Love him or hate him, you can't deny the guy knows politics. And my parents loved this stuff, and I read presidential biographies and autobiographies and I studied history and so on. I was fascinated with the whole process until the 2000's when everybody started being born early and then people were dying and then I was sad for like 5 years and then I had 80 kids and I quit trying to learn and I just spent most of my time in Christian romance novels, where I didn't have to think at all. In fact, if I thought during those books it would mess me up, because there is no room for reality in there.

Yeah, it's a mirror pic. I never said I was deep. 
But there's a thread in me that loves this stuff. And I'm a patriot, like, a cheesy patriot that gets choked up during the anthem or a soldier and his dog, baby sleeping in a combat boot, apple pie crying kind of girl. I love America, I think it's the greatest country in the world and I would only leave it if Texas seceded, because Texas is even better than America. If I was my brother, I would also have an eagle tattoo.

So we were invited, and I wanted to go so badly, and let me throw out a special thanks to Luis and Jill for inviting us, if you read this, and Brooke and Anca for babysitting so we could go. Big time.
I bought two outfits, pre-owned outfits, and I was super nervous about the clothes, especially, because I spend every day in a 2 year old pair of jorts from Target and a t-shirt. But I found some stuff, and I think it looked good, so that helped. The MOG was not there the first night, and at first I was worried I wouldn't be able to think of anything to say to anyone that didn't involve diapers or Youtube, but I ended up talking a lot, although I don't remember what I said. Hm.

The speakers were amazing. I mean, sometimes you go to stuff like this and it's like when you sign up for the free dinner at Olive Garden but you have to sit through the 3 hour chiropractic presentation, and you start questioning are the breadsticks worth it? This was a different deal. The politicians were funny and conservative and genuine believers. (or at least they fooled me) Ken Graves was He would make Chuck Norris turn in his badge. And the politicians and the pastors both really taught, about history and voting and the potential evangelical impact on elections... it was totally fascinating to me. I feel like my brain went out for a long hard run, and came back tired but stronger. David Barton is a historian rockstar, and I plan on using some of his stuff here on the ol' blog as we get closer to election time.

Day 2 our luncheon table was catty-corner from Gov. Perry's table, and I watched him like a fangirl. Speaking of fangirls, the Governor had to pretty much swallow his lunch whole since people kept coming up and talking to him. In my secret little fangirl heart, I dreamed of getting a picture with him, but I would have had to interrupt him and I have too much respect for lunch to do that. Governor Perry report: 1.) he ate ALL of his salad, left only a chicken bone on his plate, nary a scalloped potato or remnant of sauce left. Did not check sweet tea status, but I can wager it was gone. 2. Wore worn black cowboy boots, just like my daddy. 3. Is a hugger. That's the catty-corner fangirl report. Oh, and his speech was funny and down-to-earth like always. Plus, the Texas thing. You know.

Sitting through the teaching, learning worldview and being reminded of America's history and heritage, not to mention being with primarily potty-trained people for 24 hours... I'm super inspired. I remember my heart. Exciting days to come.

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  1. Sounds very interesting! Glad you got to go & looking to more posts on the topic.



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