Tuesday, April 10, 2012

esther recap

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We weren't fasting YET
"So we sent you on a roadtrip," you say. "And you give us a couple gas station vlogs and then disappear." First of all, y'all, chill. I've only been home for a day or so, and it was the weekend. So.

I walked 10 feet, she did 270 miles
Well, we had our plane tickets all booked and I was toying around with the idea of packing when we found out our flights were cancelled. The planes had hail damage. Sometimes, when I hear about planes crashing because they hit birds or being grounded because of hail damage, I question the wisdom of strapping ourselves into jillion-ton metal cans and trusting air to keep us afloat. But anyways. We ended up jumping in Brooke's Tahoe and heading out for an overnight journey. You can follow the roadtrip vids over on my youtube playlist.

The first day, I got to meet my sister as she was in the final stretches of her 270 mile walk from Houston to Dallas. You can read her account here . We both cried, and then she started walking fast, so we said goodbye. I am SO PROUD of what she did. She's a hero.

Bound4Life bloggers and the Chief
The Esther Call was intense. In a nutshell, it was 3000+ women praying for the ending of abortion. Many of the women on the stage and in the room were post-abortive. Their stories were horrifying and they were healing. I cried all day long. Listen: abortion is not just injustice against the unborn. It is injustice to women. It doesn't fix anything, it only destroys. If feminists truly cared about what was best for women, they would be flooding the streets to stop this violence being perpetrated on their sisters.

The most beautiful thing was to see the redemption of broken women, taking their pain and releasing it to God, and finding strength and victory in forgiveness. I watched the 39 walkers all day, and they are crazy strong. I was honored to stand near them.

Direct sunlight, don't judge us
I know that might sound like a bad weekend, what with the crying and all, but it was so healing. Sometimes I forget who I am, what I'm made for. I need to be reminded that I can swing a sledgehammer at injustice with my prayers, with my computer keyboard, even while a baby is standing on my lap and poking me in the mouth.

me and my steph, together again
AND I had a total blast with my friends, from Texas and KC. I don't think I've ever traveled with a group of just girls before. I found out I snore a little, I wear my jeans 2 sizes too large, and I need less sleep than most people. Special thanks to the daddies who kept the kids so we could go be a part, ESPECIALLY the MOG who did a terrific job, despite boiling hot dogs in my electric kettle.

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