Wednesday, March 7, 2012

President Brynn wants fries with that

I met Richy at the door yesterday. "Let's go get some burgers," I said. What I meant was, let's lock all of the children down with seat belts and I will sit in the front row and listen to music while they ask AS LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE HOW DOES GOD GET THE BABY OUT OF THE MOM, but I won't answer, because I will be in the front, listening to music.

We went to McDonald's, because our entire family can eat for $10 there, unless somebody gets crazy. While I was tossing chicken bites to and fro, Toby noticed the election results coming in. Look, I didn't make him freakishly smart. I mean, genetics plays a part, and I do answer a lot of his questions. (God helps the doctors get the baby out. Hey, is that a SQUIRREL?) But mostly, he is a genius without any help, so I feel liberty to brag without shame. So anyway, he is loudly cheering every state that our guy won, and expressing some real concern about how many states the other guy was carrying, and the senior citizens were staring, because a) he is SO LOUD and b) he's an unrepentant social conservative. 

And then Brynn says, "Some day, I will be President. All of you will cheer for ME, and the people will vote for me." 

And I was like, YES. I mean, I totally dig being a housewife, and my kids are the best. But if my baby wants to be Prez, that sounds great to me. I got a little excited. 

"Of course you can," I told her. "I would definitely vote for you. And you know what you'd have? A big bus with your face on it, and it would say BRYNN CLARK FOR PRESIDENT, and you'd drive all around the country and meet people, and tell them to vote for you. And you'd be the boss of America, and you could help our country." 

Brynn was confident. "Everyone would vote for me." 

"What would you do," I asked, "once you were President?" 

Toby jumped in. "I'd make all apps ad-free," he said, which is solid logic, for the gamer. 

"Well," says Brynn. " I would work at McDonald's." 

I tried to bring it back. "First, right? When you are a teenager, you'd work at McDonald's, and then you'd be President." 

"No," she says. "I changed my mind. I want to work here."

And that was it. A promising political career cut tragically short. Ah well. At least we'll get an employee discount. 


  1. This was HILARIOUS!!!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that uses the car as a great place to harness the children... just the other day I was having a rough day, I loaded everyone up in whatever clothes they happened to have on, grabbed a triple shot latte and started driving with the music really loud. By the time I made it home I was much more pleasant.
    My children have some interesting career options that we recently discussed. With Marinn, my 5 year old just the other day, it went something like this....
    "Mom has there ever been a woman cop??"
    Me, "Yes, there are women cops."
    Marinn, "I want to be a cop when I grow up."
    Me, "That's great! Why do you want to be a cop?"
    Marinn, "So I can work with my dad. So I can spend time with him... I'll go to his work and get in his car and say, Let's go, I'm here to help you."
    Me, "I think daddy would like that." (He is a cop)
    Marinn, "And after I am done being a cop for like a day I will be something else, like a chef!"
    Marinn turns to her 4 year old sister... "Taurin, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
    Taurin, "I want to be a princess and live in a castle."
    Marinn, "Taurin that is NOT a real job.... princesses are not real."
    Me, "Actually Taurin could be a princess if she married a prince, but she would probably have to move to a different country."
    Marinn, "Yeah Taurin, there are none of those around here so you can't be a princess."
    Then Marinn looks at Blaize (10 month old brother), "Blaize what do you want to be when you grow up?" Then a pause.
    "Blaize wants to be a foot messager.... I know that because he looked at his foot when I asked him."
    Me, "That would be great! I love a good foot message!"

  2. I love your kids & that you share them w/ the rest of us :)

    ~ Kerri

  3. I seem to remember a certain 6/7 year old stating that she would be the first woman prez. Hmmm, I believe her name was Jessica Stanley. I was going to vote for her when she ran!

    Sharon D. :-)


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