Thursday, March 15, 2012

little taste of the glory

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I'm not a competitive person. I've told you this. Some people I'm married to, on the other hand, are competitive and would metaphorically stab their own father-in-law (R.I.P) in the back to gain an advantage in Monopoly. (Side note: Richy did not kill my father; he died of natural causes about 12 years ago. Still, I can't rule out that game of Monopoly, 5 years before he died, as a factor) But me, not so much. Because I really like people. And I like people to like me. And when you are destroying someone's battleship or when your hippo is eating all the marbles, tensions rise and friendships fall.

So I avoid competition, for the good of mankind. You're welcome. I also don't ride roller coasters or camp. One time the MOG and I were at a water park, and, despite being warned, he was devastated to find that I don't ride things that are fast or high or enclosed. Which meant "HELLO Lazy River" to me and "Goodbye Happiness" to him. But I digress.

In April, I will be going to an event called The Esther Call. If you're any kind of faithful blog stalker, you know about our involvement with TheCall movement. This is another Call, but specifically for women, which I are one. I'm pretty excited about it, and not just because I will be traveling without the children that I love. So I entered this contest to win a free hotel stay while I'm in Dallas, because I'M NOT MADE OF MONEY, TOBY... uh, sorry. I entered a contest, along with my good pal Brooke and a couple of our many, many children. And I want you, my bloggerati, to go and vote for our video and help us win. I will repay you by live-blogging our hijinks spiritual journeys as we travel and participate in the ministry.

just a picture of our vid- not the link :)
Here's what you do. Go to this page, find our video (it has me, Brooke and Brynn in the thumbnail) and click "like" on it. That's it. By the way, our video is super cute, because our daughters are AWESOME.  Here's another link, if you missed that one a couple of sentences back. And tell your friends!

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