Tuesday, November 22, 2011

my almost near death feeling like experience: or the art of the long blog post title

I'm not a medical type. I can hold my own when I need to talk to doctors about my kids, but besides that, I tend to steer clear of medical discussions, unlike my attractive and single friend Liz. She likes to talk about things, and sometimes she makes me faint or puke, while telling an amusing anecdote about a guy's face coming off, or what have you.

Still, the fact is, my life has been kind of a continual Medical Update lately, and so I feel the need to talk about that-time-I-almost-died-yesterday. The only problem is, it is all involving kidneys and other kidney-related functions, and I'm not really wanting to take you all to the virtual bathroom with me, even if you're just talking to me from the other part of the room while fixing your mascara in the mirror. Quandary.

Well. The thing is, I had this minor infection, which I self-diagnosed using the Google (who needs doctors, right?) and so I had started home-remedying myself with cranberry pills and cranberry juice and massive amounts of water and little martyr sighs and such, and then I woke up yesterday with a New Pain. It was kind of like somebody was bludgeoning me in the back and the side with a Nerf Bat, and really using their strength. I consulted Dr. Google and he told me I might have a kidney infection, or possibly a terrible fatal 24 hour disease, something like that. And then it started getting worse, the New Pain. So the MOG and I were off to Urgent Care, and they agreed with my self-diagnosis and sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics.

By this point the Nerf-welders had stepped it up and were practicing easy swings with a real bat. I got in the car but walking was getting kind of challenging, and then it got bad. I started getting nauseated, like all the way this-is-going-to-happen nauseated, and the pain in my side was swelling up, and then the nausea and the pain started increasing and swirling together like some macabre symphony of chaos and then I started thinking I might die. My arms and legs went tingly and then it spread all the way up into my ribs. I couldn't breathe and I started thinking, "Is this what it's like to die? Will I be aware that I'm dying, all the way out?" I was really, really scared. REALLY. In the mixture was an awareness that my spirit was all right, and I was heaven bound and all that, but I was terrified to not be able to breathe or feel my body, or to make complete sentences.

While all this was happening, the MOG was asking many questions, and I was mostly just gasping and praying out loud and saying, "I don't know, I don't know, I'm dying." So he drove me to the ER. Note: even if your whole body is numb, the touchscreen on iPhones still work. So I was googling my symptoms while I was pretty sure it was the end. Not sure what that says about me.

At the ER, feeling finally started coming back and then I realized I was in a lot of pain. I had self-diagnosed at that point and told them maybe my appendix had ruptured, but they weren't terribly concerned. "Tell them you have a high pain tolerance! Tell them you're not a hypochondriac!" says the MOG, while the bedraggled man next to us twitches and waits for pain meds. Our friend Randy came up and chatted with me while I waited, and by then, I was feeling much better and thinking about making a run for it, but I was kind of nervous about the whole thing happening again. Randy says I can't really write a near-death experience book about this, but I'm not so sure.

This is already long. Hours and hours at the ER. CT scan and an IV and telling my story over and over, but by this point I am no longer in significant pain. The doctor tells me it was probably a kidney stone, and I probably hyperventilated because of pain, and it's gone now, and the other infection should be fine with antibiotics. Google backs her up.

I'm glad to be alive, even if I maybe was never dying. Still glad.


  1. Good Lord, Jess. Scary! And OUCH. I woulda hyperventilated.

  2. You said: "my attractive and single friend Liz"

    Even on death's door, you are matchmaking!

    Kidney stones are hideous. That you survived is a tribute to your strength and endurance! Not EVEN kidding....

  3. You have a disturbing nack (is that right) for making me bust out guffawing in laughter while I read about the most non laughing type occurrences. Glad you didn't die.

  4. Oh,My Kiddo do I relate to the Experience,All i can say is am I glad you're ok,and just do your best to forget the whole thing happened!Worked for me!And we were all scared back home.K?Love'Ya!---'Yo Big Bruddah.

  5. When you started describing your odd numbness, tingling, can't breathe symptoms I thought to myself, "Sounds like she's hyperventilating." I didn't learn that from Dr. Google though. I learned it from a respratory therapist in the ER last year. But it wasn't for me. I have perfect health and have never been to the ER (that first part is an untruth to the nth degree). It was for my poor, asthmatic little sister who had a panic attack because her asthma scared her. She ended up hyperventilating and nearly passing out. So next time you're in terrible pain or terrible fear, remember to exhale! Hope you start feeling better!

  6. jess, thank you for funny. reading here for the last year such a complete pleasure. Kidney stones are the worst. way to overcome with valiant google at your side. Brave.


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