Friday, November 26, 2010


In years past, I have waxed poetic about Thanksgiving. We usually celebrate with family, in multiple households. We go a couple of places on Thursday and eat like Americans, and then on the weekend we eat something non-patriotic with Viking Granny, since she's not from here.

This year, we got a baby and stayed in Missouri for Thanksgiving. I got homesick and cried on Wednesday, but Thursday, I was busy eating. I cooked like a grownup for us and a few friends, and we even ate on real plates. The MOG and I made an executive decision and banned turkey, green beans and cranberry sauce, because we don't like them.

It was one of those beautiful, sleepy days, and I had the realization that we are a family. That we're making traditions and memories that these kids will treasure and maybe even carry on. Who knows, maybe someday turkey will be eradicated from the Clark family lines forever? It's a crazy dream, I know.

Also yesterday, the furnace died. It's being replaced now, but it was 21 degrees last night, so we bundled everybody up and camped out in our room with 3 space heaters. It was sweet going to sleep with all of us in the same space. It was less romantic when they all started waking up and only had the one room to use while getting out their wiggles. The house outside our room is FRIGID. I'm trying to hunker in place, but a trip to the outside world is likely. YIKES.



  1. Fry the turkey and it will change your life...forever. It will blow your mind. It will make you a new person. It will liberate you.

  2. i have traditionally believed that turkey, green beans and cranberry sauce are grown up foods.
    I never knew you didn't actually eat these items, haha.
    missed you guys this year too

  3. the video says that it is private and i have to be sent it and that I can not view it! WHAT???!!!

  4. it tells me to watch it on youtube and then it says that it is PRIVATE aaaauuuugggghhh!!!

  5. I am praying that you are not still cold..... I put my frustration over the NON PLAYING ONLINE BABY SHOWER CLIP on the back burner and read your post...

    I am sure that you are all warm and toasty now.... and I do realize that the family HEAT is much more important than a video clip that is acutally viewable....


  6. i waited two days and it still does not work..... can you take off the private thing


    OMG what a relief! I can see the video now......

    I am so glad you are having such a great on line shower.

    3 more days and I get to hug the baby woo hoo!


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