Monday, April 5, 2010

yablonskis go the dentist

If you are a cyber-stalker, then you already know that we took R2 to the dentist today. I know everything about everyone, because I read my facebook home and I have a photographic memory. So if you ever say something to me and I'm all like, I know, it is not because I have an entire wall in my basement filled with grainy 8x10 photos of you walking into 7/11. That is just a coincidence. What I'm getting at here is that that some of you already know what I'm going to say, and you're not even Dionne Warwick.

We went as a family, because this was a dental appointment and the likelihood of Total Spazzing was way, way up there. I called last week and explained Total Spazzing, and they agreed to use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for the exam. Still, TS was not ruled out.

I had to stiff-arm my way around a little bit today, since the dental assistant was a little skeptical of the tantruming power of the mild-mannered tiny child in spectacles and a sweater-vest, but once the dentist came, he just took my word for it and gassed him. Also, Dr. Genius used a toothbrush for the exam. Is that brilliant or what?

R2 was a little nervous, even with the gas, but the MOG talked him through while I hung back, trying to keep my stress over in the corner since some people thought I was affecting the atmosphere. In addition to minimizing my atmospheric impact, I also tried to keep the other 2 kids in check, which involves a lot of whispered threats and attention redirects.

When it was all over, R2 and I were both greatly relieved. Oh, and his teeth are as jacked-up as I thought, but no cavities- so we come back in 6 months to start talking strategic teeth removal to make some room in his tiny mouth.


  1. So THAT is why the 7-11 gives me the creeps. Good to know.

    Congrats on surviving the dentist trip. How many teeth are they wanting to take out?

    (I used to pull out my collection of nine pulled teeth to show friends when they came over. My favorites were the bloody ones. TMI, Y/Y?)

  2. the kid just cant catch a break! common mom leave the poor kid alone! ;-)

    hmmmm maybe ill start leaving FB clue to try and throw you off my trail a little ;-)

  3. Good Yablonski strategy! Mama


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