Wednesday, June 5, 2013

R2 is 14

I'm going to be unapologetically sentimental today. 4 months ago we did not expect our son to be alive today. We made tentative plans to celebrate his birthday in April, just so that he could have one last celebration before he left us. This morning he came in my room in his sister's flowered fedora, carrying the streamers we'll put up later, and his joy is contagious. It's his birthday, and that's all that's on the agenda today. 

He's been a miracle every day of his life, but today is infinitely sweet. You don't pass through the valley of the shadow of death unchanged. We're all moving a little slower and laughing more. His remaining health and behavioral issues are still frustrating and exhausting, but every interaction carries a new weight and meaning. We're so unimaginably thankful to God for this gift of time. 

Today, despite all the odds, Richy is 14. Let's party. 

(if you're new here, R2's birth story, and R2's illness and recovery


  1. Awesome costume!!! Happy Birthday my friend the "PARTY MAN" ! Lucie & Olive want to come to the party too! :D

  2. praise God! I am so happy for you all. God is so good!


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