Tuesday, May 7, 2013

the Ballad of the Overflowing Trash

this is the story of a garbage bag
its stench would be the devil's brag
take heed, ye ears it reaches
a harrowing tale, its evil preaches

a wretched mound of every ill
diapers, coffee, banana peel
ne'er noticed or taken away
"Room for more" thought he, e'ery day

"I could take it out," thought she
but filled with ire, she let it be
"Surely someone will take a hint."
and passed it by with face like flint

one thousand days and thousand nights
the horror stood, a holy blight
and though she stared with baleful gaze
her rage broke not his mental haze

a thousand years with words unspoken
brought to her knees, proud woman broken
collected the bags and those hauled outdoors
while ne'er he knew of her humbling chores

This is the story of a garbage bag
and also a cautionary tale to nag
learn from the woman with egg in her shoe
to ne'er be silent on what a man should do


  1. OMG!! Jess that is sooo stinkin hysterical!!! and sooo true!! LOL
    Do us all a favor & please write a book!!! Pleeese!

  2. You need to write three books.....
    Your novel
    A book about AMERICA and politics
    And a real life story about our life and garbage piling up and just real life .. like Erma Bomback does


  3. LOL! Great imagery! I can see a narrated video in my head that is hysterical!


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