Friday, March 15, 2013

teh funny

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R2's recovery continues. Yesterday and today he and I did little test runs to see if he's up to returning to school and it was such a good experience, and I'm gonna tell you all about it, but not today, because this is Funny Week, in honor of my dear friend Tracie. Y'all pray for Tracie's son Mattie as he fights a serious infection and consider helping in a practical way. Now, back to Funny Week.

And just like that, the funny is gone. The pressure, people. I'll tell you my first joke, one that used to slay 'em when I was 2. "There's a guy, walking down the road, and..." (a healthy pause, because timing is everything) "and a PIE SMASH IN HIS FACE!"

Obviously, it was a calling. Now I deal primarily in the, "Nice to meet you, Hungry," game, which is met with open derision. "That is not funny, MOM," they say, like I asked for a review. I could tell them that people on the internet say I'm funny, but it wouldn't make any difference, because I have convinced them that the internet is a web of lies, which has helped Toby install less freeware on our computers, but may have lessened my impressiveness around the ol' domicile.

I could talk a little trash about the man I love, but he's delicate these days, what with the near-death experiences and whatnot. I tell you what's gonna happen. I'm going to hit publish and then 40 things will pop in my head and I'll be giggling at myself all night, ALL ALONE.

So that's it, that's the end. Don't worry, Tracie, I'm gonna have a comeback real soon.

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