Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday favorite: Laws of Moses to mothers of toddlers

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Revisiting some of my favorite posts from the past, click the link to read the excerpted post in its entirety.

These are the laws given to the mothers of small children, that none may be unclean or sit upon an unclean surface or touch any unclean thing with their hands.

If the children eat oatmeal at the table, then that table is unclean. Let the priest examine the table and if the oatmeal is dried on the table, then that table is to be destroyed, unless the priest has a Magic Eraser or sandpaper. If the priest does, indeed have a Magic Eraser or sandpaper then the priest will urge the mother of the children to cleanse the table 7 times, and then it will be clean. 

(read the rest here: complete post)

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