Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the new kid

Teenagers are different from kids. Also, they are the same as kids. But different. There's not really any point questioning me, you just have to believe whatever I say, because this is the internet.

But one thing that is different is, teenagers are almost adults, and as such, you can't really write blogs about them, because maybe they don't want their business on the internet, because they look hideous and everyone thinks so. Or whatever. And maybe you think they look great, and maybe you miss being a size 1, but you're an adult, and a relative, so you're required to think that. So.

My point is, I have to figure out how to talk about my semi-temporary 5th kid, because I am adjusting just like I do every time a new person joins my family, but I have to figure out how to talk about all the transitiony (don't question me) stuff, without embarrassing the new addition, who can read already.

It's so weird how kids grow up, and this niece who I clearly remember as a baby is taller than me, and is right on the verge of adulthood, and she's interesting and so smart and funny. It makes me a little bit less panicked about my little kids growing up, because I think I will like them even more as teenagers.


  1. You sure will! I love teenagers even if they are hideous. I love them even if they are terminally insulted by everything you say. This okay. You just keep in mind that they are nuts. STONE NUTS for about 4 years. Of course none of this applies to Mercy who is someone we cannot talk about her business. I love Mercy and Madi and all my teenage grandchildren even when they are in such a state of mind that thinks vampires are cute. Im just sayin Mama


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