Sunday, July 31, 2005

my first blog

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This is my attempt to start an online journal, accessible to family and friends. I should be going to full bedrest in about a month, and this will probably be a good outlet for me.
Not sure if that's how you spell jetsom. It will have to work, though, because I like that title.
I'm 12 weeks, 6 days pregnant. Tomorrow I'll be 13 weeks. I'll have to check my book to see how big my baby is. It always says things like, "Your baby is the size of a large lime." First of all, limes come in all sizes. HOW large a lime? A Guatemalan revival lime? Or a little Kroger bad produce lime?
Secondly, maybe it's just the morning sickness. But comparing my baby to food is disgusting! Even when I try to tell R2 there's a baby in my tummy, (I know, Georgia), and he looks a little concerned. How did it get there? Did I EAT a baby?

Yesterday was the opening of the new Apple Store at The Woodlands Mall. We got there 30 minutes after it opened and joined the massive line all the way around the corner. Our efforts paid off as we are now the proud possesors of XL Apple shirts that say The Woodlands. Sometimes I really miss my dad.
Luckily my husband reminds me of him. I sat outside the store for 30-45 minutes and when he finally came out he said "I had to move pretty quick because there were so many people in there!"

There's a little option somewhere on here to leave comments. That would be entertaining to me, thank you.

Mucho Gusto

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